Help Save Manassas takes an active interest in the quality of life in our community, and regularly participates in volunteer efforts that help address the impact of illegal immigration in our community.  Our Community Action Program has cleaned up mountains of trash left by day laborers in vacant properties, removed gang graffiti, and documented the unlawful hiring of illegal alien day laborers at local day laborer sites.

Upcoming Events

Help Save Manassas Graffiti Removal Action

Help Save Manassas maintains a list of volunteers who are available to help expeditiously remove gang graffiti, usually on weekends.  A key strategy to gang supression is the rapid removal of graffiti when it appears, preventing gangs from establishing "turf" and decreasing the liklihood of inter-gang warfare.  If you would like to be part of this team, complete the volunteer form and contact the Community Action Program at

Graffiti removal actions happen on an as-needed basis and are staffed by volunteers who may happen to be available when there is graffiti to remove.

Recent Events

Graffiti Removal

In partnership with the Prince William County Cleam Community Council, HSM members helped remove gang graffiti in the Yorkshire area on September 27th.  Homeowners had their fences "tagged" and some asked for help in removing this unsightly gang turf-marking. Help Save Manassas lent them a hand.

Trash Cleanup

Help Save Manassas in partnership with the Clean Community Council and the county's Litter Crew removed accumulated trash from the vacant Altmed building on Route 234 which is in close proximity to the Coverstone day laborer site this summer.  The Community Action Program removed several truckloads of trash, including beer cans, discarded clothes, and even soiled diapers.  It appears that day laborers at the nearly 7-Eleven used the vacant property as a campsite and trash dump, which then encouraged a tremendous amount of gang graffiti.

Here's a look at what the site looked like before this place got cleaned up.


Day Laborer Sites

Volunteers with the Community Action Program documented the unlawful hiring of illegal aliens at several day laborer sites in the county over the summer for the purpose of providing evidence to state and federal law enforcement authorities.  Locations included the 7-Elevens on Coverstone Drive, Old Centreville Road, and Route One at the Prince William Parkway and the Marumsco 7-Eleven.  The team also worked with property owners to help them obtain more effective support from the Prince William County Police Department.

If you're interested in assisting in any of the Community Action Program activities, please contact

Additional Information:
Recognizing Gang Activity

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