The unlawful presence of illegal aliens in our communities causes a significant number of problems. This is hardly a "victim-less crime". Illegal aliens already account for 20% or our local jail population, distort the lower end of the labor market in ways that harm tradesmen and service employees, engage in rampant identity theft, and all too often contribute to residential overcrowding, increased demand on public services, and an overburdened heathcare system.

To the extent that we fail to reduce these problems, we encourage ever greater numbers of illegal aliens to come to our communities and exacerbate these problems. If the rule of law increasingly loses its meaning, we encourage more lawbreaking with potentially disastrous results.

Illegal aliens also are a significant public safety concern.  The Virginia State Police estimates that between 80 and 90 percent of all MS-13 gang members are illegal aliens.  In 2007 five of the nine murder victims in Prince William County died at the hands of an illegal alien.  Illegal aliens commit a significant proportion of the crimes against children, sex offenses, assaults by mob and identity theft that plaugue county residents.  All of these crimes are entirely preventable, if government at all levels would simply secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws.  Had our government done its job, these illegal aliens would not have unlawfully been in our country to commit these heinous crimes.

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